Complete 6 out of 8 Series Races in 2014 to earn the Jacket!

Elliot_Live Better1 Avoid missing out on sold out events!  Registration for The Elliot Millennium Running Series secures your spot in selected events.
Race 1:  Millennium Mile, January 1st
Race 2:  Shamrock Shuffle, March 30th (sold out)
Race 3:  Cinco de Miles 5k, May 4th
Race 4:  RibFest 5 Miler, June 15th
Race 5:  Manchester Mile/5k, July 3rd
Race 6:  NH XC Festival, August 23rd
Race 7:  NH 10 Miler, August 30th
Race 8:  Traveler NE Half Marathon, September 28th
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1. Participants MUST register for the The Elliot Millennium Running Series by deadline (September 25, 2014) – * Once registered for The Elliot Millennium Running Series, all previously completed Series Races will count towards earning your Jacket.  If one does not register for the Series, a Jacket will not be ordered.  Check list of Series Registrants HERE2. Participants MUST be at least 12 years of age or older by the Series registration deadline.3. Participants need to complete at least 6 of the 8 events in The Elliot Millennium Running Series to earn their Jacket.4. Manchester Mile & 5k counts as earning 1 credit towards your Jacket whether the 1-mile, 5k, or both races are completed.

5. If running the NH 10 Miler, completing the entire 10 miles as an individual or as part of the 2-person relay counts towards earning your jacket.  i.e. Each relay member gets credit.

6. Jackets will be distributed at The Elliot Millennium Running Series jacket party scheduled for October 2014.  Details coming soon….

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