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Cinco Ways to get Running in the Cold

What’s the hardest thing about cold weather running?

For most people the answer is motivation! So we’ve collected our top 5 ways to get motivated for a run during the winter months.

1. Join a weekly running club. The social aspect of a running club gives you added incentive to muster up the courage to brave the low temperatures and meet the group for a run. The Millennium Running Social Club meets every Thursday at a different location in and around Manchester, is filled with wonderfully supportive runners just like you, and membership includes one beer after every run!!

2. Have the Right Clothing. Knowing that you have the correct gear for winter running will remind you that it’s possible to be comfortable in colder temperatures. Dress in layers, remember that you want to be slightly chilly at the start of your run to avoid over-heating and sweating mid run. BONUS TIP – Have one or two layers that zipper for easy venting to help moderate your temperature, like a Cinco de Miles 1/4 zip tech shirt!

3. Register for a Race. Having a goal race is a super easy way to motivate yourself to keep running through the winter months. Don’t worry about speed as much as getting out and running, staying in a routine will help you work toward your speed goals when the weather and road conditions are more suitable. Millennium Running has three upcoming races to help with this motivation, Fat Tuesday, Shamrock Shuffle, and Cinco de Miles.

4. Find a running mentor. Schedule runs with a friend that can keep you committed, provide you with advise, and can help answer your running questions.

5. Become a Running Mentor for a Friend. Call that friend you know that has been on the fence about beginning running and offer your support and knowledge to help encourage them to get out of the house start working toward their goals. Your effort will be a strong motivator for them and will keep you motivated by holding you accountable to them.

Photo from Millennium Running's Snowflake 5k in bedford NH

Do you have a good tip you’d like to share with your running friends? You can share it in the comments here, or on our Facebook Page. 🙂


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