After a Week of Trying to Figure out How to Stay Motivated |


After a Week of Trying to Figure out How to Stay Motivated

After a week of trying to figure out how to stay motivated and make sure that I continue to move forward I came to realize the old adage of calories in and calories out is probably best. I have been such a slug lately that even my running fell off. This weekend I didn’t make it to the Seacoast Half and it frustrating to realize that something I love to do so much has all but been benched.

Why would you bench something you love to do? I travel for work every week, stay in hotels, no quality time with the family on the weekends, weather was bad, too cold, too hot, blah, blah, blah. That is why you bench it, because you get comfortable being lazy, putting it off until tomorrow until you get uncomfortable in your own skin. Then what, how do you start again and why should you start again. There has to be a life changing moment they say to change, but they are wrong. That is such a load of crap and I was sucked into it for years. You know why I finally decided to be serious about my weight and health? Because I couldn’t button my collars on my shirts for work and had to get a larger neck size. Honestly, how often does a guy need dress shirts with larger neck sizes at the age of 49. That would be NEVER! Oh unless you gain so much damn weight that even your neck thinks it’s time to do something about it.

So this week I started tracking my calories and with the app on my smartphone it was easy and readily available. I purchased a Fitbit and wear it all the time to track my activity, walking, running, sitting, stairs, etc. As I write this for example it is 3pm and I only have 1656 steps out of my daily goal of 10,000. Who thinks my job is sedentary when I don’t travel. I have been at the computer since 6am, with only coffee and bathroom breaks, does that sound like you? If it does, CHANGE! I don’t mean your job for goodness sake I mean your activity. I have focused all week on the little things I do right and wrong trying to be more conscious of the choices. Believe me I made a lot of bad choices last week, I am human after all, but at the end of the day, I lost 4.8 pounds and know that by keeping it in the front of my mind I will continue to reduce the bad choices and supplement them with good ones. You can’t expect to change everything at once, otherwise you will fail. That feeling of failure is terrible, been there and done that, moving on.

Thanks to all my friends that will keep me honest and support me. I sent out a text to my entire contact list regarding the bog, as well as Facebook. Two of my friends immediately came back with challenges. In addition, the friendly challenge with Keith is great and we want to increase the number of people that want to make their lives better through healthy choices. The Thanksgiving 5K is coming up and I want John to have a scale(s) at package pick-up. Let’s see if we can get 50 people across the area to agree to a pledge of an improved life by signing up for the 52 in 52 or 50 by 50. Who cares if it is , 15 by 32, 20 by 20, 30 by 30, or 100 by 50, let’s just spread the word and make good choices for a healthier life. Please join us for the Thanksgiving 5K and be ready to work!

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