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Claim your bib and gain entry to the course for $10. Each bib is good for one 5k attempt.

Pick your day and time to tackle the course – sun up to sundown – it is really your choice.

Take a pic or two and share them on Facebook and Instagram – be sure to tag us @millenniumrunning

Your results will be posted on Want to go again – want to challenge your friends? (see step one)

Go the distance. Earn your jacket!

The Anytime 5K counts towards your journey of earning your Elliot Millennium Running Series Jacket. For complete list of events, rules and details, learn more

5K Course

This unique, double loop course has a start and finish at the Millennium Running HQ. Pavement arrows and directional arrows will help guide you along the way; however, be sure to study the course before you embark on the Anytime 5k!

Start Time: Anytime

Location: Millennium Running, Bedford, NH

How to Run the Course

The course is open and it is ready for you! We encourage you to spend some time familiarizing yourself with the course before heading over to start your run. Once you’re ready – here are some quick instructions to review before you head out.

Step 1Pick up or your bib or bring it with you to Millennium Running. Make sure it hasn’t already been used for a prior attempt! If you registered for multiple attempts, we recommend writing your time on your bib after. you finish to help keep track of which bibs you have used.
Step 2Put on your bib and get ready to run before approaching the starting line and while steering clear of the finish.
Step 3Approach the starting line (marked with a big yellow “Start” flag). Start your Anytime 5k by running across the timing mat on the sidewalk. As soon as you pass over the mat, your time will begin!
Step 4Proceed onto the Anytime 5k course. Be sure to follow the course markings, which include:
a. Yellow Signs with Black Arrows
b. Green Arrow Tape on the Ground
c. Yellow Signs with Written Instructions (ie. “lap 2 straight, finish left)
Step 5Make sure to follow the pedestrian rules of the road by using available sidewalks and running against traffic on the “runner’s left” side of the road. There are no aid stations, traffic details, or course marshals on the Anytime 5k course.
Step 6Stay on the sidewalk and pass Millennium Running to complete Lap 2
Step 7After completing two laps, enter the Millennium Running parking lot by turning left at the main entrance off the sidewalk on Rt 101. A complete “U-Turn” will have you passing by Members First Bank (on your right) and headed back into the Millennium Running parking area.
Step 8As you enter Millennium Running to finish, STAY TO THE LEFT OF THE ENTRANCE DRIVEWAY! You do not want your bib number to accidentally register on the START timing mat again.
Step 9Finish by curling into the parking lot and proceeding through the Anytime 5k finish line. As soon as you run under the finish line, your chip will read and your time will be complete.
Important Notes· Make sure not to cross near or over the start timing mat after you have begun. This will eliminate your attempt.
· Do not cross through the finish line prior to completing your attempt.
· If you know you will need water while you are on the course or after your run - be sure to bring it with you. Hydration is important!

Event Details

Saturday, May 16 – Sunday, August 23, 2020
Whatever time that works for you – seriously ANYTIME!

During registration, you may choose to have your bib (with timing chip adhered):
A) mailed directly to you
B) Pick it up at our Millennium Running Retail Store (138 Bedford Center Road, Bedford, NH) during our normal store hours.

In either case, all bibs (attempts) you’ve purchased will be shipped or picked up at once. We cannot hold bibs onsite for future attempts.

Millennium Running, 138 Bedford Center Rd. Bedford, NH.

Parking will be located in the Millennium Running parking lot. Please use the back entrance on Bedford Center Road.

There are no public bathrooms on-site

Bibs/Chips are one-time use only. Participants must purchase and wear a subsequent new bib should they wish to be timed/recorded for more than one attempt at the Anytime 5k.

Please note that the Timing System is active at all times and bib numbers will ALWAYS be “live”

  • BIB PLACEMENT: Be sure to wear your bib on the front of your shirt. Bibs cannot be worn on legs as it may effect the ability to record a time
  • TO START: Simply walk over black timing mat on the sidewalk at the front of the MR Retail Store. It will be denoted with a big, yellow START flag. As soon as you walk over the mat, your time has started!
  • FINISH: Complete the marked route and be sure to run under the Finish Truss where the antennas will automatically record your time.

*Your bib will always read at the finish line, however it will not register as “active” without having first crossed over the start timing mat.
*Do not cross over the start mat a second time as this will eliminate your results

All results will be displayed LIVE on at all times!

Be your own photographer! Take a minute or two to snap a selfie and share it with us on Facebook or Instagram. Don’t forget to tag us @millenniumrunning and use the hashtags: #millenniumrunning #runnh and #anytime5k

At the conclusion of the Anytime 5k, the Top 3 Overall Men & Women, as well as the top 3 male and female in each 5-yr age group (19 and under, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34 … 80+) will be recognized.

Each finish counts 3.1 miles toward an individual’s mileage completion of the Elliot Millennium Running Series.

Please read our Refund & Transfer Policy for full information.

Read a full list of General FAQ’s here.

Official Charity Partner

Millennium Running takes great pride in not only producing the best events possible for our running community, but more importantly, we are proud to give back to our local community. To date we have distributed over $900,000 to local organizations and charities through our Signature Events. For 2020, we are honored to adopt Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth-Hitchcock as our official charity partner.

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Take a minute or two to snap a selfie and share it with us on Facebook or Instagram. Don’t forget to tag us @millenniumrunning and use the hashtags: #millenniumrunning #runnh and #anytime5k – if you can think of others, use those too – get creative!


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