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Called Out by a Loved One!

Called out by a loved one!  It is amazing to me that I can write a blog and start to make a change then fall right back into the old bad habits that took me off track in the first place.  The conversation at lunch went like this.  “How are you doing with your 50 bye 50?”,  “Have you been keeping up with your blog?”  While these may seem to be innocent questions over lunch with my wife, they were in fact perfectly timed armor (fat) piercing daggers.  You see over the last two weeks or so I have slipped back into my old habits of not working out, eating like crap and drinking too many beverages.  She knows me well enough to give me a swift kick without it coming out like a kick.  Of course my response was “good” and then “no I haven’t written a blog in a couple weeks”, as if she didn’t know.

So this weekend I turn my clock back like so many of us need to and decided to go for a nice 4.5 mile hike around Tower Hill.  When I said turn the clock back, I really mean, forget what has happened in the past, forgive yourself and move towards the future.  Since there is no way to control what has already happened it is a complete waste of energy, time and effort to focus on it.  My clothes aren’t fitting great and guess what, if I don’t move ahead they never will.  So I find myself in a familiar place, starting over and saying if at first you don’t succeed try, try again.  Now the key is to follow the rules of T. H. Palmer the poet and not W.C Fields, “If at first you don’t succeed, try again. Then quit. No use being a damn fool about it.”

            Having a sense of humor is great, but having a sense of self is better. Now I have put myself up against the wall and reduced my overall time down to 15 weeks and I still need to lose 45 pounds.  Taking me from the easily attainable goal when I started of 1.25 pounds per week to 3 pounds per week. If this sounds familiar then do something about it.  Maybe there is a reunion coming up or a special event or even the summer and you want to feel and look good about yourself on the beach.  Find something that will motivate you and set a goal, then stick to it and make sure your friends call you out on it.  Thanks to all my friends and readers for staying close by and keeping me honest.

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