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Guest Blog: 50 By 50

When I think about the fact I will be 50 in May 2013 and I should lose weight
my head spins. There are so many people that say I will do this and don’t. By
the way, that has been me for years. Now with this life moment staring me in
the face, guess what, I have to face it. Damn it John, I can just turn around
and walk away but I keep hearing voices in my head. If you have ever known a
procrastinator that puts everything off, that is I. OMG, I can’t wait to tell someone
it will be better tomorrow, because I don’t want to do it today.

Now the real world hits and I stare at the scale laughing at me. Good thing mine
doesn’t talk (kind of like Manch-Vegas) because it would shout to the world; this
SOB is fooling you all. So the real work begins and my goal to lose 50 pounds
by the age of 50 starts. It seems unrealistic until I break it down into bite size
candy bars, oops, I mean bite size weight loss. It doesn’t matter if your goal
is to lose 10 pounds, run a PR 5K, ready yourself for a marathon or save for
retirement the focus has to be the same. Take the long-term objective and break
it into small obtainable goals along the way. Trust me when I stepped on the
scale and decided I would lose 50 by 50, my immediate thought was, you are
freaking crazy! Maybe not as crazy as John, but who is, right? Then a friend
said “hey stupid, what do you need to do this week?” I hate that friend just so
you know, but he is right.

Here it is in front of the world, or at least the Millennium Running world, I need
to lose 1.78 pounds per week. This blog is going to track my weekly ups and
downs so please keep tuned in, because if you don’t I will just go back to eating
Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey which is like strapping on a fat suit if you aren’t
working out. This is it, like it or not. See you all on the streets.

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  • By Joanne - on Reply

    Good luck Tom! I will be rooting for you 😉 You CAN do this!! And pay no attention to the fact that Ben and jerry’s just came out with a Pumpkin Cheesecake ice cream 😉

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