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Guest Blog: Maintenance

Last week when I was chatting with a friend they said it is the holidays man don’t get down on yourself, after all this is a good time for maintenance. To which I thought they are right, just because I don’t lose if I don’t gain over the holidays that is cool. Are you kidding? Now if I were closer to the goal loss of 50 pounds instead of still being stuck at 10 still that would be true but fooling myself into thinking it is ok, is not a good thing. So I decided my focus needed to be on developing a plan for 2013 to hit my target and be healthy about it. No silly fasting or detox cleanse crazy thing, but actually work to hit the goal and then maintain.

I have spent so much time reading magazines, going online and researching what would be best for me, my mindset and body type that I could have lost 5 more pounds simply by spending that time in the gym or on the streets. It is always interesting to me how reality can sometimes just come up and slap you in the head to wake you up. Well, by now you know I am the procrastinator extraordinaire and guess what I want you to know that. This blog is as much for me as it is for any of you that follow it and find value in the read. I enjoy being the person in front of everyone calling attention to the insanity in life.

The next time I write a blog I will be down another 5 pounds and will be back on track or you will have every right to call me out in front of all the readers, of which I understand there are at least 2. Just kidding, thanks to all that take the time to read and send me messages of support. It is a great group of friends that I have and the fact they have no problem giving me grief (which I deserve at times) means a lot. I hope to see a lot of you at the Millennium Mile on New Year’s Day in Londonderry, New Hampshire. For those of you that cannot join us, I wish you and your families a Happy and Prosperous New Year. Come on 2013!

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