GUEST BLOG: Spring Cleaning, Your Gear |


GUEST BLOG: Spring Cleaning, Your Gear

dirty sneakersThis week’s blog comes from Runner’s World January 2013 issue on the April monthly plan. The April plan is all about Spring Cleaning your gear, including shoes, socks and sports bras. By now most of the serious runners know the guideline for mileage on shoes is between 300 and 500 miles, which may seem like a lot but even for a novice runner out there three days a week for 3 miles per run it adds up. Using the 9 miles per week assuming not beating it too bad, you should still make sure you are breaking in new shoes after 8 months. Never just change to new shoes completely, break them in over a couple of weeks between the current and new shoes. Those people that tend to run more, say 4 days a week for an average of 20 miles will be harder typically on shoes so you should consider breaking in new shoes every 4 – 5 months and so on. I know people that keep shoes for a year or more and that is ok, but you are missing out on support and technology benefits that are introduced constantly.

If you socks bunch up because of the break down in elastic or fabric, for goodness sake buy a new pair. The cushion of the sock and the fit can keep you from getting blisters and help to make sure that your sweat is drawn away from the body and protected from the shoe. Of course, for the real minimalist you don’t wear socks for running but the same rule goes for your dress socks or bum around shoes.

The next topic I really can’t adlib much about because even though I have been known to need one, sports bras aren’t my specialty. The rule according to LaJean Lawson, Ph. D., is that a bra lives no more than a year if you wear it three to four times a week. D cups or larger may need to be replaced earlier and should certainly consider joining the Millennium Running Social Club (ok that was my ad lib).

Last week I took all of my exercise gear out and put them through the washer and dryer, sorting out the old gear that needed to be disgarded. I used sports wash, but have heard you can soak in hot water and baking soda for similar results. It was very cleansing for me to go through this and prepare for the season ahead. Here’s to running with the wind at your back and the sun on your face.

About Thom DeVos:

Thom is happily married to Lisa DeVos and is a father of 2 boys, Zach 17 and
Nick 14. He was born in Conway, NH and has lived in NH, FL and MA; but, he is
now a resident of Hooksett, NH. Professionally, Thom works as the Director of
Channel Sales at Verizon and his hobbies are golf, running, and work around the
house (but the carpenter keeps asking if I own a square).

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