Miles Blog: An Introduction to the Legend |


Miles Blog: An Introduction to the Legend

When John asked me if I’d be interested in becoming the Millennium Running mascot I asked him if I could think about it overnight before I decided. Listen, if you’re thinking it’s because I was worried about whether I could handle the job well you are way wrong and clearly don’t know much about me, so read on. I asked for the time to think about it because my schedule is actually pretty darn full and I really cherish what little free time I have. I’m currently taking online classes at Atelier de Belleville, exploring my passion for dramatic mime.

But anyway, I said yes and have made the necessary adjustment to my schedule to fit in the exhausting mascot training and additional celebrity burden.

As for my qualifications for such a prestigious position, (because I know you’re asking yourself,) you should know that I was scouted by Florida State and LSU but eventually ended up at Texas A&M where I lead them to three D1 titles and was awarded the prestigious ‘Most Consistent Complexion’ award. I went on to decline an invite to Athens in ’04 as I set out to break Forrest Gump’s record of three years, two months, fourteen days and sixteen hours. I narrowly missed that one but it was inspirational hearing the “Run Miles RUN!!” chants as I crossed the country.

I have been informed that one of the duties I have been contractually bound to as the Millennium Running mascot, is contributing to a regularly scheduled blog on the web site. It will be in this format that I share some of my most closely kept running secrets, tips, and personal stories with this tremendous community and hope to hear back from you the readers, with stories of our encounters out at the races and other events and gatherings. If you see me out and about please be sure to flag me down and ask for a picture and autograph, I really do appreciate my fans and am always willing to take time to let them stand next to my greatness, even if only for a moment.

Run along now,

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  • By Blue Morphsuit - on Reply

    Do not be fooled this is not the original Millennium Morph, or his teammate Red! Blue and Red will always be the bravest morphs out there.

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