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My Year of Millennium Running

Year of Millenium Running 2013-2014 copyThank you from the bottom of my heart to the Millennium Running Team!!

Last year my best friend Carrie asked me to do the Shamrock Shuffle with her and I told her “Yeah right, me run?” I had gained a lot of weight and found myself at 245lbs. Well, after asking every day (which I will always be eternally grateful for), I gave in and said yes. My husband joined us too, and that was the start of an amazing year. After I finished the race I hated how winded and hard that 2 miles was and then I saw my photo crossing the finish line and thought “There’s no way that’s me…” I decided then that for my 30th year my health was going to be my top priority.

Shortly after I met my Personal Trainer Laura, she said that the races would be a great way to keep giving myself goals while also making it fun. So my husband and I signed up for the series and we scored our 2013 Millennium Running Series jackets in January! We met the Millennium Running crew at the Series Party, they are so kind and really care about us as people, let alone as fellow runners.

This last year has gone by in a blur but I’ve loved it! Your races are exciting and inspiring and keep me thriving towards my next goal!

This year I am going to own the St. Joseph Healthcare RibFest 5 Miler which I was too scared to do last year because of the distance.  It was a big regret for me as I could have walked it, as completing it would have been great for me, physically and mentally. No more regrets though, I’m conquering it this year and  I’m even looking forward to pushing for a 10k and we’re going to keep on going!!

Year of Millenium RunningYou have all been a huge part of me regaining myself and my health and I made a photo series to really show you how you have impacted me. My appreciation is enormous and I can never thank you enough. I have been wanting to send this e-mail to you for months now but needed to reach the Shamrock Shuffle in order to complete my Millennium year. My original goal was to lose 84 lbs., I am only 5 lbs. away! I look forward to waving good-bye to those last pounds as I complete the Ribfest 5 Miler and continue with my new healthy lifestyle!

Each time I cross that finish line I’ll be running my heart out for all of you!!

With gratitude, thankfulness and love,


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