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New Year, New You… or Maybe Not

New Year, new you or maybe not. Well for those of you that read the blog here is your opportunity. I said that if I didn’t lose 5 pounds this past week you would have every right to blast me in public. I am only down a total of 12 since I started this venture and without laying blame on anything other than my love for food, drink and friends, this last week I lost 3.6 pounds. Of course that is after gaining 5 back over the holidays.

The weather this week looks perfect for getting back at it and that is my plan. This week I signed up for the Millennium Running Series and Will Run for Beer Series, in addition to a few choice races throughout the year. I have a total of 8 races before my birthday and 20 remaining as of now for the rest of 2013. I only signed up for two half marathons and am looking to add one more some time, so please give me some well organized runs for fun that you recommend.

Someone recently said to me, “with all due respect, you are not a runner”. That hit me as an odd statement for someone to make and then I realized it was because of my current condition. He was thinking of a runner as someone that is very lean and in top physical condition. At first I took it to heart and started to think, maybe he is right, after all my pace averages 11 minutes per mile and that is far from fast so maybe I should just stop. But then this weekend, I got to thinking that running isn’t about being the fastest person in the race for everyone, it is about being outside, mingling with the people you see again and again at the events and that time when nothing else matters but the music playing in my ears and the horizon in front of me. Running is like a state of mind and like many others I run because I enjoy the freedom, fresh air and time away from a stressful work life.

My goals haven’t changed for 2013, I am still going to be down that 50 pounds by my birthday in May, run more this year than last and spend more time with my kids then last year too. As we start to get older it seems like the priorities in life change and our ability to take things for granted is reduced. I look forward to seeing everyone on the streets this year and maybe even a few of you on the golf course too.

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