No Matter How Fast You’re Running, You’re Still Lapping Everybody on the Couch |


No Matter How Fast You’re Running, You’re Still Lapping Everybody on the Couch

“No matter how fast you’re running, you’re still lapping everybody on the couch” has
become my main motivating quote on this journey. Well, that, and “Nothing tastes
as good as skinny feels”, but lets be honest cheesecake and pizza taste pretty damn
good so lets just stick with the first one.

It’s been a little bit since my last blog; so let’s catch up…

When I last left off it was the end of July and I’d lost 6 pounds, and reached my goal
of running 50 miles that month. I set off towards August feeling great with a goal
of running 60 miles that month. I figured it was easily attainable; heck it was only
going to be an additional 2.5 miles a week! Turns out that was easier said than done.
August was a crazy month, work just keeps getting busier and busier, my 2 year old
son was sick , and we spent a week on vacation. BUT I’m proud to say I met my goal,
I ran 60 miles that month. Went to step on the scale the end of that month though
and I had only lost 1 pound. Looking back, I should have been happy I even lost
that pound. Summer BBQ’s, beers, beach, and vacations don’t exactly equal a recipe
towards weight loss success… But I met my goal, and I hadn’t gained weight. On to
September. My goal was 70 miles.

September I lost my motivation. I tanked. It started getting colder and days got
shorter, and it was raining more and going down to use the treadmill just didn’t
have the appeal that running by the lake had all summer. I would wake up in the
morning to run, just like I had the past couple months, and I would list every excuse
in the book to myself:

1. I went to bed too late.

2. I can’t open my eyes.

3. I didn’t sleep well last night.

4. I worked out yesterday.

5. I’ll work out tomorrow.

6. I’ll work out really, really double-hard tonight.

7. More sleep would be better for me than more exercise.

8. I’m too comfortable.

9. In fact, I’ve never been more comfortable in my life.

10. I may have pulled something and should rest it.

11. If I sleep in today, I’ll be really good and get up extra early tomorrow.

12. My favorite running outfit is in the hamper… or washer maybe?…. Ok it’s in
the dryer…

13. Just 5 more minutes.

14. I’ll count to 10 and then I’ll get up.

15. DAMMIT! I overslept and now it’s too late.

I didn’t meet my goal. I only ran 56 miles in September. I had lost my motivation.
But somehow I had continued to lose weight. I lost 2 lbs in September. That’s gotta
count for something.

Motivation showed up again in October. I decided not to focus on how many miles
I could get in that month, but instead focus on the “quality” of the miles. Running
more than walking, speed, and finding a way to incorporate my family into my
workouts. October was a great month. I ran 62 miles, most of them running after
work with my husband, while we pushed our son in the jogger. It became part of
the family’s daily routine. It was one of the BEST things to happen to my family
in a while. We’re still doing it today. I’m proud to say I lost 2 pounds in October,
which (for those of you keeping track) puts me at 11 pounds lost currently, and I’m
LOVING it. Feeling great. And my husband isn’t complaining either. Happy wife is a
happy life right?! 😉

November has started off great, my husband and I started incorporating cross
training into the daily workouts, and he has also been working with me on
improving my mile times. I’m still slowwww but he tells me every day: “No matter
how fast you’re running, you’re still lapping everybody on the couch”. And it’s
working. I turned 30 on November 8th, and I ran 10 miles before work that morning.
I ran 10 miles on my 30th birthday. Never in a million years thought I’d be able
to say that. My husband and son were there for the end, cheering me on. And I can’t
think of a better way to start this next chapter in my life.

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About Bethany:
Joining Millennium Running in 2011, Bethany brought her finance, office management, and HR experience to the team. Bethany is a graduate of Johnson State College, completing a BA in Business Management, with a minor in Marketing. Bethany lives in Grantham, NH with her husband Ryan and son Nicholas.

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