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Finding the right pair of running shoes can be an overwhelming task.  With so many brands, models, and styles of shoes, you are faced with hundreds of options.  Unless you know exactly what shoe (brand and model) you like best, buying the right pair of shoes off the shelf or online can be quite difficult.  Our 4 step fit process, “[Fit]ology”, is designed to help us better understand what kind of runner you are and what type of shoe would work best for you.  We are here to make that search easy and swift so that you can spend less time researching shoes and more time running in them!


Our fit process starts with our staff getting to know you better as a runner.  There is no “one size fits all” running shoe so it helps us to know what makes you different as a runner.  We will ask about your running experience, training goals, current running shoe, and injuries (past and present).  This will help us determine what products we have will best serve YOU!


Many runners aren’t wearing the right size running shoe! Our iStep digital foot scanner helps our staff determine your proper shoe size, arch type, and pressure distribution.  This gives us an initial idea of what shoes might work best for you based on arch and cushion needs.


Although static analysis is a very important part of our fit process, it doesn’t tell the whole story.  You’re not going to just be standing in your shoes…you will be running, walking, and moving in them! We will watch you run or walk on our in-store treadmill to perform a video gait analysis.  Biomechanics can change with increased pace and repetition so it is important that we see how your stride and gait changes in order to fit you into the right type of shoe.


The most important part of our fit process is testing out the shoes! Based on the first three parts of the fit process, we will recommend several pairs of shoes for you to try on.  We make our recommendations but you will be the one wearing the shoes so it is important that the shoe feels right to you.  Comfort and fit are key!


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Millennium Running is fueled by the passion of promoting healthy, enjoyable lifestyles. With over a dozen Signature road races and triathlons, a running specialty store, the Millennium Running Club, plus all-purpose timing and event services. 

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