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Running is Cheaper than Therapy: Winter Blues
So it turns out all that “Runners Guilt” crap I ranted about in my previous blog is a great big lie. Apparently I am a fair weather runner. Apparently if the temperature falls below 29 degrees, I can skip my run without any guilt whatsoever. Turns out winter may the one thing I hate more
Running is Cheaper Than Therapy: No Coincidence
I am not a religious person. I do not go to church and I’ll admit I occasionally take the Lord’s name in vain (Thou shall not judge me…the bible says so!). I am however highly spiritual. I believe whole heartedly in a higher power. That there is something out there greater than us.  That everything
Running is Cheaper Than Therapy: Runner’s Guilt
It’s happened to all of us.  That dreaded moment when your boss asks you if you could stay a little late, or in my case, a student asks if you are available after school.  You get that disappointed feeling in the pit of your stomach as the reality sets it. It is at that exact
Running is Cheaper than Therapy: Half Crazy
Peer pressure is not just for teenagers.  I know this first hand because at the ripe ole age of 39, I fell victim to it. No, I didn’t inhale my first cigarette or stay out past my curfew (which these days is no later than 11 pm). In an effort to fit in with all
Running is Cheaper than Therapy: Group Therapy
I like to drink. It doesn’t make me a bad person. I work full time, own a home, take care of my two children, take care of my mom,  and I run. A lot.  So if I enjoy a little fruit of the vine at the end of the day, so be it.  Given how
Running is Cheaper Than Therapy: Freaking Out About 40
Once again,  I feel I must stray from my story as another crises in the running community has surfaced. It has been lurking for quite a while now, like a big dark cloud hovering from above.  But this crisis can no longer be avoided. It is finally here. There is no ignoring it. There is no place to
Running is Cheaper Than Therapy: So Where Was I?
So where was I? Heck, if I can’t remember, I’m darn sure you can’t either. So let’s recap what has happened thus far…. or for those of you just tuning into this fine literally publication, I shall summarize: Was living the fairy tale.  Caught husband in bed with an ugly chic.  Came dangerously close to
Running is Cheaper Than Therapy: We Are a Family
I interrupt this regularly scheduled blog to talk about the horrific events that occurred this week at the Boston Marathon. It has been a heart wrenching week while every American sits glued to their TV’s and internet. Watching the explosions over and over. Seeing the faces of the innocent victims. Trying to wrap our minds
Running is Cheaper Than Therapy:  “But you hate running?”
“You are not intellectually curious”. That was the Paternal Unit’s explanation of why he cheated on me with an ugly chic and destroyed our happy little family. Intellectually curious? I asked.  After all, I had earned my Master’s Degree before turning 25, but apparently that doesn’t count. “I want to be with somebody who is
Running is Cheaper than Therapy: Here She Comes to Save the Day
“You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face…Do the thing you think you cannot do”. Eleanor Roosevelt A magnet with that quote hangs on my fridge. A magnet I bought shortly after my first 5k. The race I thought I could not do.
Running is Cheaper Than Therapy: An Addict in the Making
Number 87. That would be my first bib ever. Having two young kids, I thought a bib was something used to catch falling food, not something to be pinned to a shirt. I had no idea I’d get to slap a fancy schmancy number across my belly. I felt like I belonged in the Olympics.
Running is Cheaper Than Therapy: A 5 What?
Guilt, it turns out, is a marvelous thing. When it’s not your own. The “paternal unit” left with nothing but the clothes on his back allowing me to keep everything we accumulated during our 10 year marriage. My sweet, wonderful, lifesaving friends came to my rescue minutes after I walked in on the “ugly chic
Running is Cheaper Than Therapy
I hate running. If you are to understand anything about my blog, it is this. But running saved my life. Literally. And it continues to keep me sane (well sort of…) each and every day. I guess you could say I have a total love-hate relationship with the sport/hobby/addiction that is running. We all have

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