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GUEST BLOG: Calling All My Friends
Calling all my friends and readers for help.  This weekend I am doing the Wallis Sands Half Marathon and due to my injured Achilles have not built all the way back up to run the entire distance.  Therefore, I am thinking strategically about how best to run/walk the event and come in around 12 minutes
GUEST BLOG: We Will Be Stronger and Bigger
This weekend I went out and tested my Achilles to see how hard I could push without severe pain. The good news is that I went 9.6 miles, working back to my preparation for the Wallis Sands Half at the end of April. It was such a great day even with all the hills and
GUEST BLOG: Spring Cleaning, Your Gear
This week’s blog comes from Runner’s World January 2013 issue on the April monthly plan. The April plan is all about Spring Cleaning your gear, including shoes, socks and sports bras. By now most of the serious runners know the guideline for mileage on shoes is between 300 and 500 miles, which may seem like
Rhythmic Movement Helps With Mood
I know you will be happy to hear that rhythmic movement helps with mood, longevity and CRP (C-reactive protein). Well at least I was excited. Recently I started listening to an audiobook by Mark Liponis, MD called Ultra Longevity. The chapter discussion in regarding proper breathing techniques and exercise impact on our immune system. In
Gone Spinning. While the old phrase is about the relaxing sport of fishing, there is nothing relaxing about today’s Spin class. It was 55 minutes of ups, downs, sprints, flats, accelerations and great music. Last week I realized that I have 12 weeks to my first half marathon of the year and immediately went online
Called Out by a Loved One!
Called out by a loved one!  It is amazing to me that I can write a blog and start to make a change then fall right back into the old bad habits that took me off track in the first place.  The conversation at lunch went like this.  “How are you doing with your 50
New Year, New You… or Maybe Not
New Year, new you or maybe not. Well for those of you that read the blog here is your opportunity. I said that if I didn’t lose 5 pounds this past week you would have every right to blast me in public. I am only down a total of 12 since I started this venture
Guest Blog: Maintenance
Last week when I was chatting with a friend they said it is the holidays man don’t get down on yourself, after all this is a good time for maintenance. To which I thought they are right, just because I don’t lose if I don’t gain over the holidays that is cool. Are you kidding?
After a Week of Trying to Figure out How to Stay Motivated
After a week of trying to figure out how to stay motivated and make sure that I continue to move forward I came to realize the old adage of calories in and calories out is probably best. I have been such a slug lately that even my running fell off. This weekend I didn’t make
Guest Blog: 50 By 50
When I think about the fact I will be 50 in May 2013 and I should lose weight my head spins. There are so many people that say I will do this and don’t. By the way, that has been me for years. Now with this life moment staring me in the face, guess what,

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