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The All New Millennium Running Website

We are very excited to be launching the new website and happy that you are here to enjoy it.
Over the past few months we’ve been hard at work testing, creating, and re-creating ideas and pages to fine tune our web based user experience.
As you probably know, Millennium Running maintains a very high quality standard for our signature running events and we wanted to carry that standard over to our web presence.
We incorporated feedback and requests from our running community in the creation as well as the plans for future growth of the website.
The primary goal of the website is to give you the information you are looking for as easily as possible. Our events page lists the great Millennium Running Signature events in an easy to read, quick to select format. Each of our signature events now have consistent, uniform pages with dedicated sub-menus presenting the most important information about each event quickly and easily.
The new calendar page offers a listing of the Millennium Running Signature events as well as additional events being timed by Millennium Timing and using Millennium Reg.
Always on hand is the new left-hand side bar that contains direct links to each of our Signature events, these logo links will rotate upwards keeping our most recent or next upcoming race on the top of the list for quick easy access.
We will now be hosting results from our signature events and those that we time for right here on Millennium Running to help keep your experience with our events quick, enjoyable and hassle free. Many of our previous races have been back filled here and we will continue to transfer them until we have all of them hosted right here for your convenience.
We’ve reached out to our friends, partners, and sponsors to begin offering additional, timely, relevant content to you in the form of our new Q & A section. Here you have the opportunity to ask questions and get answers from experienced professionals and benefit from the answers to other community members as well.
The new blog section will begin to fill up with entertaining and informative content provided by a collection of sources. First there is the Millennium Running office blog, which will offer stories, tips, and lessons from the staff here at Millennium Running. Next we will be collecting a group of guest bloggers from around the area to share their writing with you us on a regular basis. Possibly one of our most anticipated blogs will be voices from the pack, this is where we reach out to the community and look for everyday life stories from all of you. Finally we will be including the ramblings and experiences of our mascot Miles. We can not guarantee what kind of content he will provide, but we can guarantee that you wont want to miss it. The Miles blog also offers you the opportunity to share your stories and photos of your Miles experiences and sightings.
Another section that we are very excited about is the Athlete of the Month section, this will be a tribute to one of you each month that will include stories, pictures and admiration from adoring fans. We look forward to the stream of nominations and the chore of selecting the Athlete of the month, bring on the nominations!
We will be continuing to update, improve and expand the function of the new website and appreciate any feedback, comments, or bug reports that you’d like to pass on to us.
Enjoy your visit and come back often.

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