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Voices From the Pack: Presenting the RUNNER’S CHRISTMAS STOCKING 2012!

Submitted by Janine Ryan from The Purple Giraffe.

Since Christmas is now less than 2 weeks away, I’m assuming you’re all done the majority of your shopping and only have stockings left to stuff… no?Personally, I find stockings to be the most challenging part of Christmas shopping. I mean, you can only fit so much into that sock, and you want to make the most of the real estate!Well – lucky for you, I’m here to help… as long as the stocking you’re trying to stuff belongs to a runner (that sounded so dirty…)!Regardless of unintentional innuendo, I’ve got a few great ideas (in my opinion) that should bring a smile to his or her face on Christmas morning!


So what’s inside?!

Well, here’s a quick run down – most items are available on Amazon.com – and if not, a quick Google search will get you where you want to be!

ProCompression Holiday Socks – I have a pair of these puppies and they are so freakin’ cute!

Knottie Hair Ties – These things are great – they don’t leave that crease in your hair like normal hair elastics do!

BICbands Headbands – Sure, there are a lot of headband companies out there with “no-slip” headbands. These seriously don’t slip AND a portion of every sale goes to charity!

SPIbelt – Don’t let the size fool you, these things can fit your phone, money and keys no problem. And the best part is you barely feel it when you’re running!

YakTrax – I got a pair of these for Christmas last year – the perfect running accessory for the harsh New England winter!

Instant Happy Feet Pedicure Set – Runners tend to have gross feet. I think feet are pretty gross anyway, so a pedicure set should be on top of everyone’s Christmas list.

Island Boost Athletic Energizer – An all-natural electrolyte supplement that is sure to fuel you on your next long run! And it’s tasty too!

GoSport ID – Safety first, kids. Especially with the lack of daylight this time of year!

Pssssst! Dry Shampoo – Squeezing a workout in on the go? Dry Shampoo is exactly what you need to freshen up after a lunchtime workout!

Bodyglide Anti-Chafe Balm – Eliminate chub rub. No more surprises when you get in the shower and realize your inner thighs are rubbed raw!

ShowerPill Athletic Body Wipes – Another great product for those who are on the go and want to squeeze in a workout! Fresh scent, durable and can be thrown in your gym bag!

So there you have it! The 2012 Runner’s Christmas Stocking… am I missing anything?

Originally published 12/12/12 at www.the-purple-giraffe.com

From Janine:
A bit about me…
I wouldn’t call myself a health nut, but I do try to balance healthy living and fitness with my not-so-occasional indulgences (beer, wine, cheese… the list goes on)…
I got back into running a couple of years ago after a 10 year hiatus and I’m even starting to LIKE it!
But let’s not get carried away. I ‘m not joking when I say that I’m more likely to run a race if there is free beer at the end.My motto is all things in moderation… including moderation!

Get more great articles from Janine on her blog at The Purple Giraffe

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