GUEST BLOG: We Will Be Stronger and Bigger |


GUEST BLOG: We Will Be Stronger and Bigger

164283_10201151350652149_33687793_nThis weekend I went out and tested my Achilles to see how hard I could push without severe pain. The good news is that I went 9.6 miles, working back to my preparation for the Wallis Sands Half at the end of April. It was such a great day even with all the hills and while I didn’t set any speed records, I did finish the run and was able to walk yesterday and even more important today. What a great start to the week it was and as you can imagine a great inspiration for this week’s blog.

Unfortunately, on my drive home today from meetings south of Boston I heard the news of two bombs exploding near the finish line of the Boston Marathon, a world renown race in the 117th edition. Imagine a race that has been going strong for 117 years and all of the trials and tribulations it and the runners have endured over those many years. This is truly a tragic event that was in the mind of someone a fantastic target for whatever message they were trying to convey. There were many innocent spectators and runners hurt and even killed but, the hearts of all were filled by the actions of the people running to the aid of those in pain.

The American soul is alive and we will work through the tragedy to become stronger than we were yesterday. That is what all historical tragic events have proven. We will prevail and be closer than the last event in preparation for whatever may come our way. Much like the Boston Marathon itself, that has dealt with sun, snow, heat, cold and oh yes, wars, we will be stronger and bigger than yesterday. It is critical for us to all look deeply inside and see how we use the events of the day to grow as individuals and a nation. I for one, will do a lot of reflection to see how I am benefiting others to pay it forward and make a positive impact on those around me. Join me in a moment of silence, whenever you read this to reflect and strengthen the soul of America. God Bless.

About Thom DeVos:Thom is happily married to Lisa DeVos and is a father of 2 boys, Zach 17 and
Nick 14. He was born in Conway, NH and has lived in NH, FL and MA; but, he is
now a resident of Hooksett, NH. Professionally, Thom works as the Director of
Channel Sales at Verizon and his hobbies are golf, running, and work around the
house (but the carpenter keeps asking if I own a square).

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